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PG2 Training - Licence to fly

A full paragliding pilots licence enabling you to fly solo anywhere - from $2000 (includes the cost of PG1)

PG2 Training - Licence to fly

The PG2 course is the foundation of paragliding. It's the level that allows you to fly free by yourself anywhere in the world. Put simply it's your licence to fly.

If your dream is to learn to fly a paraglider, to take your gear and travel the world seeing sights and having experiences the likes of which most people would never imagine possible. The PG2 licence is your ticket to this reality.

Fly up to the clouds and stay aloft for hours flying for mile upon mile exploring the world while harnessing the power of nature. Perform adrenalin pumping acts of aerobatics. Speed down mountain slopes and valleys in close proximity to the terrain or fly endless coastal cliffs into the setting sun. Whatever your dreams, the PG2 licence is what you need to start your journey.

The course is valid for 1 year and unlimited flying days (weather dependant) or until you reach the PG2 standard and graduate. Includes all the study materials you'll need to pass the exams and all the flight park fees for a year. (All graduates are welcome to continue flying with the school group as long as they wish)

Cost - $2000 (on own equipment)
or $2500 (on school equipment)
or included when you purchase an equipment package.

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