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PG1 - Learn to fly

A short course allowing you to fly under the guidance of an instructor - $650

PG1 - Learn to fly

The PG1 course is designed for those who want to delve a little more deeply into the sport.

Perhaps you've already done an instructional tandem and are keen to learn more but are not quite ready to commit to a full licence course or package deal? Maybe you only have limited time and want to gain a qualification before heading to a new area or overseas? Possibly you want exposure to more than one paragliding school?

Whatever your reason the PG1 short course will give you a 3 day introduction to paragliding. In this time you will learn some paragliding theory and take to the skies all by yourself. You'll learn the basics of a complete flight from unpacking your gear, conducting a safe and incredible flight then packing it away again.

Most of your training will be conducted at our HighSide Flight Park at Karioitahi. Because we own and live on site this gives you priority use and means that an instructor is onsite on virtually every flyable day so if you get some last minute free time, chances are that you can seize the opportunity to do some training.

Cost - $650 or ($750 with instructional tandem) + includes flight park fees.

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